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Overview of the Management of Spinal Stenosis

This course will give you an overview of the management of spinal stenosis on different levels, including imaging, medical and surgical management, and rehabilitation. There will also be a discussion on how to exercise prescription and self-treatment techniques.

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Small-Muscle Athletes - Clinical Tools and Guidance to Optimize Prevention and Treatment of Musicians' Injuries

This webinar is intended to help address this need by increasing healthcare professionals’ familiarity with musicians, their work demands, their work environment, common pathologies, and most importantly, what we can do to help them.

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Women's health

Introduction to Rehabilitation of the Hip with Pelvic Floor Implications

Hip impairments may involve underlying pelvic floor impairments due to a shared fascia and neuromuscular plane. While hip impairments are commonly treated in orthopedic physiotherapy settings, the pelvic floor component is commonly missed, resulting in suboptimal outcomes for the patient. This brief introductory course will introduce the role of the pelvic floor in hip function and shed light on the otherwise dark areas In relation to the procedure for properly checking for pelvic floor involvement in hip impairments.

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Microbiome science and perinatal care: why does it matter?

This webinar will provide an overview of the microbiome and its implications as well as common practices throughout the perinatal period, some of which are beneficial and some of which have negative implications for the microbiome, a topic that all involved healthcare providers need to better understand.

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Rehab Challenges for Young Adults with Cancer

The functional impact of combined surgical, radiological and systemic treatment interventions frequently have long term consequences on the quality of survivorship and rehabilitation is essential. This webinar will focus on the rehabilitation interventions prescribed in 4 case studies in young adult patients including central nervous system cancer, testicular cancer, rectal cancer and advanced breast cancer.

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