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Weight training is now part of the training program for many endurance sportsmen and athletes, but do the weight training programs they usually take part in really improve their performance? While there is a consensus in the scientific literature on the type of strength training that can improve performance in endurance sports, we are far from seeing the same consensus on the ground.

In this course, we will first review the scientific literature to identify the type of muscle training that can improve performance and the mechanisms responsible for performance gains. We will then discuss more practical aspects, such as the planning of muscular quality training in a year of training and the appropriate training methods for the endurance athlete, depending on his or her age and level of development.

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Module 1: Strength and endurance performance: the mechanisms of endurance performance

Module 2: Targeting the right qualities

  • Module 2.1: Choosing exercises – Running – Cycling – Swimming – Cross-country skiing

Module 3: Planning weight training during the preparation period and ensuring that you stay in competition

  • Experienced endurance athlete in weight training
  • Adult athlete who has never done weight training before
  • Adolescent +/- experienced weight training athlete

Module 4: Managing interference

  • Planning of 2 weight training sessions in a week of training

Total training duration: 85 minutes

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Understanding the role of weight training in endurance sports

Distinguishing the effect of body type on endurance performance

Learn how to plan the year’s strength training for an endurance athlete

Reflect on appropriate training methods to be used for athletes according to their sport

In short, to improve the strength training of athletes and endurance athletes!

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