Webinar: Intuitive Eating

January 24, 2022
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This free webinar on Intuitive Eating will be presented by Sophie Iris R.D., in collaboration with TeamNutrition. Intuitive eating is a client-centered approach born out of the failed diet paradigm. This presentation focuses on the 10 basic concepts of the approach and to understand how they fit into our interventions to develop healthy eating behaviors, and aim for long-term body weight regulation. A better understanding of our internal hunger and satiety signals and the impact of emotions on our eating behaviors are part of the approach.

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  1. Defining the concept of intuitive eating. 
  2. Explaining who intuitive eating pertains to and how it can be applied as an adjunct therapy to other interventions .
  3. Explaining the 10 principles of intuitive eating and reviewing the evidence in the literature.

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