Webinar: Recognize and better manage stress in pain management

February 7, 2023
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Live webinar in French.

Do you think stress and pain are interrelated? Are you able to recognize recognize stress in your patients? In yourself?

Nowadays, we talk more and more about the effects of stress on humans. In persistent pain, its effects are often very present and, unfortunately an obstacle to rehabilitation.

In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the stress response and the link to persistent pain. We will also discuss the signs and symptoms to look for in our symptoms to look for in our patients to recognize stress. Techniques for assessment and management techniques will also be demonstrated to help the therapist therapist to better manage stress in their clients and themselves.

Want to be better equipped to manage stress in pain management?
Come join us on this webinar.


  1. Summarize the stress response, persistent pain and their interconnection.
  2. Recognize the signs and symptoms of stress in the person in pain.
  3. Adapt pain management to include stress management.
  4. Utilize stress response management techniques in the context of pain and pain and rehabilitation context.

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