Using Objective Measures to support diagnosis and formulate prognosis in the Sporting Upper Limb

Episode 1

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This course is a part of the Sporting UpperLimb Series, you can buy the whole serie or only this first episode on objectives measures of the upper limb!

In sports we need to consider the forces and motions happening, described as kinetics and kinematics in biomechanics, which impact both performance and sport injuries. Now biomechanics might sound a bit complex, however, we can simplify by trying to understand how and when to assess both forces and motions by using qualitative and quantitative assessment. Qualitative assessment can be used to gage general ability to withstand loading through both local and global joints, however, precludes objective information which can be tracked over time.

It is therefore useful to consider quantitative information which provides measurable information on the amount of forces a person can tolerate, whilst also allowing the addition of subjective elements of pain if present. Whether acute or chronic injuries, this approach adds massive value towards injury management. Now I know you might be thinking there are so many tests to choose from.

This webinar therefore provides a nice overview of useful tests to consider, ensuring a decent understanding of the kinetic chain linked to an overall UpperLimb strategy. We recommend watching this episode ahead of the other webinars in this UpperLimb series, as provides a very useful introduction. Certain aspects are then revised in the respective UpperLimb episodes, providing more context to specific injuries.

About the Sporting UpperLimb Series 

The Sporting UpperLimb is a 5-episode series intended for anyone interested in better understanding how to manage injuries in this region. Although it is mainly aimed at sporting injuries, it is applicable to non-sporting scenarios. 5 episodes are:

Episode 1 – Understanding objectivity around the UpperLimb

Episode 2. Clinical Management of Sporting Shoulder injuries

Episode 3. Clinical Management of Sporting Elbow injuries

Episode 4.Clinical Management of Sporting hand and wrist injuries

Episode 5. Complex Case Studies of the UpperLimb

In each episode we refer to the other episodes, creating a considerate link. Although advised as a series, these episodes can also be considered as stand along modules. So, if you fancy some very good UpperLimb CPD, then look no further!


Module 1: Understanding objectivity

  • Kinematics
  • Assessment and objectivity
  • Loaded tests

Module 2: Shoulder objectivity

  • ROM – Shoulder, thoracic, forearm
  • Strength – isometric and isocinetic
  • Strength – Ash Test
  • PCRT
  • Provocation-alleviation
  • Performance test
  • Return to sport consideration

Module 3: Elbow objectivity

  • ROM – Elbow
  • Strength – isometric and isocinetic
  • Strength -Consideration of the forearm position

Module 4: Hand and wrist objectivity

  • ROM – Hand and wrist
  • Strength – Hand, wrist, thumb
  • Provocation test


  1. Understand the role of Objectivity in sports injuries
  2. What tests can be used considered for the UL
  3. Simple & Cost-effective options not to break the bank

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