The role of physiotherapy in multidisciplinary care of women after gynecological malignancy




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Sexual and pelvic floor dysfunctions are common conditions affecting women who have been treated for gynecological cancer. Recent evidence is supporting the role of physiotherapy in the management of such conditions in cancer survivors. Physiotherapy could therefore be integrated in multidisciplinary cancer care.

At the end of this presentation, a question period is offered to allow participants the to ask questions or present clinical cases to Marie-Pierre Cyr.

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To inform about this treatment option to experts involved in the care of women who have been diagnosed with gynecological malignancy, this conference aims to:

  1. Describe physiotherapy as a treatment option to reduce the consequences of gynecological malignancy such as sexual and pelvic floor dysfunctions
  2. Review the current level of evidence for physiotherapy to treat sexual and pelvic floor dysfunctions in women after gynecological malignancy
  3. Discuss models of care related to physiotherapy among other interventions to improve sexual and pelvic health of women after gynecological malignancy

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