Strengthening exercise for rotator cuff-related shoulder pain: Have we been seduced by the hype?




Short course in replay

Exercise is a widely recommended and often first-line treatment approach for people with rotator cuff-related shoulder pain (RCRSP). Resistance exercise is a popular type of exercise prescribed by physiotherapists for RCRSP. However, just how effective is resistance exercise and how might it be beneficial? Spoiler alert, it’s not only about getting strong.

Course outline

  • What is RCRSP?
  • What is the evidence underpinning resistance exercise for RCRSP?
  • What are the mechanisms of resistance exercise for RCRSP?
  • How to incorporate resistance exercise into a holistic biopsychosocial model of care

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  • Learn the evidence behind exercise for RCRSP
  • Understand the mechanisms of exercise for RCRSP
  • Learn how to go beyond selling exercise for its mechanical benefit

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