Small-muscle athletes – clinical tools and guidance to optimize prevention and treatment of musicians’ injuries

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In this webinar, musician-physiotherapist and PhD candidate Marianne Roos will share key insights into preventing and treating musicians’ occupational problems.

Although musicians may seem comfortable on stage, musculoskeletal injuries and mental health problems affecting their capacity to perform are highly prevalent. Growing amounts of research have attested to this fact, but adapted resources and healthcare professionals familiar with this population and how to treat them are still sparse. This webinar aims to help respond to this need by increasing participants’ familiarity with this population, their work demands, their occupational environment, common pathologies, and, most importantly, what we can do to help. Drawing from original and published evidence and clinical and personal experience, Marianne will describe the most important ways we can adapt our practice to this population across the treatment continuum, with a particular emphasis on education and exercise.

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  1. Be familiar with who musicians are and the demands of their work, using this knowledge to promote improved therapeutic alliances.
  2. Understand the contextual and cultural factors that are determinants to musicians’ health, the parallels that can be drawn with other occupational populations, and how we can contribute to change.
  3. Appreciate how and when to adapt certain aspects of clinical practice to musicians’ needs.
  4. Be familiar with musicians’ most common pathologies and how to approach them.
  5. Utilize an arsenal of clinical tools and recent evidence for a global and informed approach to their prominent problems, including adapted evaluation, education and exercise approaches.

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