Röst Therapy – External treatment of coccydynia

Niveau 2 - Practical course
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Language of training: English


  • Completion of the online course: External treatment for Coccydynia .
  • You are an experienced physiotherapist/manual therapist and can handle the examination and diagnosis of pelvic complaints (SI joint, Coccydynia, symphysis, etc)

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Do you have patients with acute or persistent coccydynia? Have you ever wanted to develop your manual skills to treat coccydynia externally? Do you like to treat your patients with a patient friendly, painless treatment that is highly effective? Would you like to be trained in assessing coccyx dislocations, finding the cause of referred pain in the coccyx and be able to treat in the best practice way? In Holland this course is very popular among physiotherapists, orthopedic doctors and manual therapists.

Join us in this practical short course to master external pain free techniques for coccydynia. In this course, we start discussing research into various techniques and visualizing image diagnostics with examples. Then hands on practice starts. You will practice external correction techniques, ergonomic adjustments and therapeutic exercise strategies to reduce or even completely eliminate coccydynia symptoms. Discussion of real case studies and literature will take place throughout the course.

There is no internal assessment/treatment in this course. The course will be a combination of clinical reasoning and hands-on lab work. Please wear comfortable, stretchy clothing for the labs.


  1. You have insight into (surface) anatomy and biomechanics of the pelvic area
  2. You can reach a correct diagnosis/differential diagnosis
  3. You can apply safe and external treatment methods for coccydynia
  4. You can effectively reduce tailbone pain symptoms
  5. You can apply different relaxation & breathing techniques
  6. You can prescribe exercises to treat coccydynia and prevent recurrences


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