Röst Therapy – External treatment of coccydynia

Niveau 2 - Practical course
Montréal October 15, 2020
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Early bird rate of $360 in effect until September 15, 2020, regular rate $425

Language of training: English

Prerequisite: Completion of the online course: Röst therapy – Le traitement externe des coccydynies Niveau 1 – Section théorique

Do you have patients with acute or persistent coccydynia? Have you ever wanted to develop your manual skills to treat coccydynia externally? Do you like to treat your patients with a patient friendly, painless treatment that is highly effective? Would you like to be trained in assessing coccyx dislocations, finding the cause of referred pain in the coccyx and be able to treat in the best practice way? In Holland this course is very popular among physiotherapists, orthopedic doctors and manual therapists.

Join this wonderful course (we presented it many times in Dutch to hundreds of enthusiastic physios) and become as enthusiastic as we are! 

First Time Offered in Canada in 2019 was highly evaluated! Therefore we started up international courses in the Netherlands as well: first time will be this spring in Leiden. Join our centre of knowledge and interact with colleagues from other countries, you are so welcome!

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