Rehabilitation Strategies for Patients with Cancer – Level 1

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This certification in oncology rehabilitation is for all clinicians working in hospitals, home care or private clinics who treat patients with a history of cancer or who have been diagnosed with cancer.  The certification is composed of 3 different levels that can be completed online. A level 4 face-to-face workshop-style certification will also be available in 2021. The content of this entire continuum of courses integrates the notions of pathophysiology, the impact of medical treatments on different systems (cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, neurological), the symptoms associated with cancer (pain, fatigue, muscle atrophy) and rehabilitation strategies.

Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2, and Level 2 is a prerequisite for Level 3.


Level 1 description:

Module 1 : Overview of Cancer Rehabilitation

Module 2: Introduction to cancer pathology, staging and medical treatment interventions (part 1)

Module 3: Introduction to cancer pathology, staging and medical treatment interventions (part 2)

Module 4: Hematological effects of treatment

Module 5: Neurological effects of cancer and treatment

Module 6: Muscular effects of cancer and treatment

Module 7: Cancer – Related Pain

Module 8: Cancer -Related Fatigue

Module 9: Framework for clinical assessment and decision-making

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  1. Recognize and understand the unique rehabilitation needs related to:
    • Cancer pathology and medical treatment interventions 
    • The specific effects of surgical, chemotherapeutic and radiation protocols on functional capacity including: generalized hematological and metabolic alterations, disease and treatment related muscular weakness, chronic residual pain, cancer fatigue, and neurological dysfunction 
  2. On the basis of the effects of cancer and treatment:

    • Derive an assessment plan with use of specific testing and outcome measures 
    • Use the proposed framework for decision-making to choose appropriate rehabilitation or exercise interventions for patients with present or past diagnosis of cancer

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