Rehabilitation of the Sporting Hand and Wrist: considerations beyond a local approach




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The Hand-Wrist is a region which many find confounding to rehabilitate.

Lots of uncertainty can lead to poor outcomes by not providing optimal support for the patient.

Maybe we provide rehabilitation with light bands and low level (1-2kg) dumbbells, but truly is this the best we can do? If faced with a brick layer or an elite athlete, would you really consider sitting them at the table and working putty and light exercises for the rest of their entire rehabilitation process. Surely there is more…and in fact there so much more to create a positive and successful experience, leaving nothing to mere chance.



  1. Understand the recipes for success, ensuring we navigate certainty in our approach
  2. To get, rehabilitation ideas to better challenge the Hand & Wrist region
  3. To know Useful adjuncts which can enhance our exercise prescription

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