Rehab Challenges for Young Adults with Cancer



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Greater numbers of young adults with cancer (Age 18-45) are being diagnosed with aggressive cancers and must undergo aggressive treatment in an effort to preserve and extend life. The functional impact of combined surgical, radiological and systemic treatment interventions frequently have long term consequences on the quality of survivorship and rehabilitation is essential.

This short course will focus on the rehabilitation interventions prescribed in 4 case studies in young adult patients including :

  • Central Nervous System Cancer
  • Testicular Cancer
  • Rectal Cancer
  • Advanced breast cancer

At the end of this presentation, a question period is offered to allow participants the to ask questions or present clinical cases to Mary-Ann Dalzell.

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The course will provide participants with an overview of:

  1. The unique functional  problems associated with young adult cancers
  2. The psychosocial challenges of rehabilitating patients in this age demographic
  3. The types of rehabilitation interventions recommended in each case

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