Preparing to Push in Birth




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Many pregnant people are not given up to date information or options about pushing during birth. This introductory topic will discuss the pelvic floor and relate to pushing types, timing and positions during birth and strategies to minimize tearing. Understanding how best to support and prepare for clients for pushing can help reduce their fear and increase their confidence about giving birth.

Course outline

  • Brief description of pelvic floor anatomy
  • General overview of stages of labour and cardinal movements of labour
  • Explanation of types, timing and positions for pushing and ways to minimize tearing
  • Supporting clients clinically with options and strategies for pushing


  • Explain the anatomical components of the pelvic floor
  • Understand the stages of labour and cardinal movements during labour
  • Understand how to connect the breath to relax the pelvic floor that can be helpful for pushing
  • Understand types, timing and positions for pushing and perineum support
  • Understanding the most effective way to prepare pregnant clients for pushing during birth

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