Performance enhancing drugs and supplements: the recipe for success?



Are you the designated therapist for a sports team or do you work with an active, high-performance clientele? Do you wonder about the effect of doping products on the body? Do your clients ask you about the different dietary supplements on the market? This training is for you! You will find plenty of relevant information that will allow you to discuss about doping products and dietary supplements with your clients. After completing this course, you will be able to provide them with examples of doping and will certainly be better prepared to deal with this reality in your practice. You also will be able to recognize the different categories of doping products and their effects. You will be prepared to answer athletes’ general questions on this subject and direct them to the right resources if necessary.

Course plan

Module 1: History and epidemiology of the use of performance-enhancing products

  • Presentation of the historical usage of doping products
  • A look back at real doping stories over time
  • Epidemiology of the use of doping products

Module 2: Performance-enhancing drugs and supplements

  • Presentation of doping products and dietary supplements
  • Explanations of performance effects and side effects for each product
  • Presentation of the different hypotheses of use among young people

Module 3 : World anti-doping agency

  • Overview of the regulations surrounding the use of doping products

* You can view the course online whenever you want, there is no deadline for completion.

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  1. Understand the general principles concerning doping products
  2. Know the main dietary supplements and be able to discuss them with the young athlete and his or her entourage
  3. Name the risks associated with dietary supplements

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