Pelvic Floor and Hip Complex



The pelvic floor shares fascia and common nerve roots with the hip rotator and stabilizer muscles. Often the pelvic floor may be implicated during injury and rehabilitation of common hip impairments. This course will explore the role of the pelvic floor in iliotibial (IT) band friction syndrome, proximal hamstring tendinopathy, and femoral acetabular impingement (FAI). Additionally, learn evidence informed differential diagnosis and rehabilitation strategies for patients with these common hip impairments.

Course plan :

Module 1 : Pelvic Floor and Hip Complex : The Role of the Pelvic Floor in Rehabilitation of Proximal Hamstring, FAI and IT Band Friction Syndrome

  • Anatomy of the superficial and deep pelvic floor muscles as well as a summary of the muscles associated with and facilitating the pelvic floor, the deep stabilizers of the abdomen and the innervation of the pelvic floor
  • Iliotibial band syndrome and the role of the pelvic floor in its rehabilitation
    • Mechanism of injury
    • Differential diagnosis
    • Physiotherapy treatment
    • Example of neuromuscular control exercises for the treatment of SBIT
  • Hamstring tendinopathy, Gluteal tendinopathy/trochanteric pain syndrome, Femoro-acetabular impingement
    • Mechanism of injury
    • Differential diagnosis
    • Physical examination
    • Treatment
    • Treatment in perineal rehabilitation
    • Correction of stroke pattern
  • Case study

Module 2 : Beginning Exercises for Rehabilitation of Hip and Pelvic Floor (7 exercises)

Module 3 : Intermediate Progression of Hip and Pelvic Floor Exercises (8 exercises)

Module 4 : Advanced progression of hip and pelvic floor exercises

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1. Review pertinent hip and pelvic anatomy

2. Comprehend the role of the pelvic floor in management of IT band friction syndrome, proximal hamstring tendinopathy, and femoral acetabular impingement (FAI).

3. Comprehend the implications of the obturator internus in hip impairments

4. Know the proper exercises for rehabilitation of hip injuries related to the pelvic floor

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