Pain Science



If you want to learn more about pain science, Ben Cormack’s course is a must. Ben Cormack’s philosophy focuses on an understanding of movement, pain, and neuroscience in order to have a person-centered and literature-based approach to rehabilitation and physical training.

For him, understanding the phenomenon of pain includes understanding the “why of pain” and not necessarily the “how to treat it”.

This online course is an 8 part lecture series comprising of nearly 3 hours of content into pain science. Join Ben as he explores some little discussed areas of pain science. This pain science short course has been designed to explore parts of this large topic that are not covered in many other pain courses.

Course plan:

Module 1 – What is pain science?

Module 2 – Modern models of pain Part 1

Module 3 – Modern models of pain Part 2

Module 4 – Different faces of pain science (making sense of pain)

Module 5 – Pain science is NOT just about pain (exploring self efficacy & resilience)

Module 6 – The biopsychosocial model and pain science

Module 7 – Person centerdness in pain science

Module 8 – The practical application of pain science

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