Normal alignment of the lower extremity in youth



Questions and concerns related to lower limb alignment are very common in pediatrics and are often a reason for consultation. This training will provide tools to all professionals who work closely or occasionally with young clients so that they can adequately respond to parents’ concerns, based on the most recent scientific evidence.

Following this training, the participant will be able to recognize the normal alignment of the lower limb in children in order to identify problems and pathologies that may be associated with it.  They will also be able to roughly assess the lower limb by taking appropriate measures to determine the origin of the alignment problem and thus ensure the best possible management.

Course plan

Module 1: Description and evaluation of angular and rotational deformities

  • Presentation of a clinical case
  • Description and evaluation of rotational deformities (feet, tibia, femur)
  • Description of angular deformations

Module 2: Flat feet: assessment and care

  • What is a flat foot?
  • Presentation of scientific data related to the subject
  • The controversy related to the treatment of this problem

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  1. Recognize normal lower limb alignment in children
  2. Determine the origin of the deformation
  3. Differentiate alignment problems (pathological vs. physiological)
  4. Refer to appropriate resources as required

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