Musculoskeletal Web Series

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  • 6 webinars – 1 webinar for 6 months + 1 bonus webinar
  • 7 international experts
  • 7 current topics
  • A VIP community
  • Easily plan 7 continuing education credits for the year 2022

Live: All webinars will be in English with English subtitles available
Replay: All webinars will be in English, but English and French subtitles will also be available within 14 days of the webinar

Here are the webinars included in this web series:

  1. Physical Activity & Sports Participation Following Total Knee Arthroplasty
    By Anthony Teoli, PT, MSc, PhD (c)
  2. Strengthening exercise for rotator cuff-related shoulder pain: Have we been seduced by the hype?
    By Jared Powell, PT, PhD (c)
  3. The assessment and management of hip pain in young active adults
    By Joanne Kemp, PT, PhD
  4. Clinical test and guidelines for tibialis posterior tendinopathy
    By Megan Ross, PhD
  5. Strengthening the body and mind in rehabilitation: The intersection of mental and physical adaptation for improvements in functional capacity
    By Scotty Butcher, BScPT, MSc, PhD
  6. Inflammation, pain and the brain: Considering post-Covid musculo skeletal pain
    By Jacqui Koep, BScPT, MSc
  7. Lower limb tendinopathy: the clinical update
    By Ebonie Rio, PhD

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Important information: To register for the web series, simply add the language of your choice to your cart to receive accesses within 24 business hours of your purchase. These accesses will take you to our courses platform, where you will find the schedule for each of the webinars, Zoom links to attend them live and course notes (if applicable). In addition, replays will be available within 14 days of the webinar and will be available until September 1, 2022.

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