Management of Spinal Stenosis



With an aging population the prevalence of age-related spinal conditions is progressively increasing. Symptoms relatable to spinal stenosis now account for up to 30% of patients with spinal complaints in primary care. Physiotherapists who appreciate the natural course, differential diagnosis, assessment, medical/surgical, exercise and manual therapy treatment options available can safely and effectively manage this growing patient population.

The program is delivered fully on-line with participants working at their own pace over the ten-week access period. The ten dictated PowerPoint presentations are supported by videos, web resource links, quick reference cheat sheets and a 320 page downloadable handout.

A certificate of completion may be printed at the conclusion of the course for your professional portfolio. This online course provides full credit for the in-class skill development course currently delivered by Key Clinical Skills in multiple Canadian and international venues.

This ten-part, fully on-line program delivers:

  • A comprehensive overview of age-related spinal changes
  • Particular focus on acquired spinal stenosis
  • Screening for red and yellow flags
  • Medical and Physiotherapy diagnosis and treatment options including:
    • Medications, Injection, surgery
    • Self Treatment Exercise Program: Stenosis STEPS
    • Manual therapy interventions
  • Supporting videos, web links, and take-home resources
  • A 320 page downloadable handout to keep as a reference tool


Course plan:

Module 1 : Natural spine aging process part 1

  • Epidemiology of stenosis
  • Vertebral changes with age
  • Disc changes with age

Module 2 : Natural spine aging process part 2

  • Articular changes with age
  • Spondylolysthesis
  • 3-phase model

Module 3 : Medical masqueraders & pathologies part 1

  • Vascular
  • Cancer
  • Infection

Module 4: Medical masqueraders & pathologies part 2

  • Fractures
  • Radiculopathy
  • Cauda equine syndrome

Module 5 : Clinical investigations

  • Examination of the hip
  • Examination of the vascular system
  • Examination of the lumbar spine

Module 6 : Medical investigations

  • Standard imaging
  • Advanced imaging Lab testing

Module 7: Medical management

  • Medications
  • Injections

Module 8 : Surgical management

  • Spinal decompression
  • Spinal fusion
  • Spinal decompression and fusion

Module 9 : Physiotherapy management part 1

  •  Self Treatment Exercise Program: Stenosis STEPS
  • Pain control
  • Mobility restoration
  • Motor control

Module 10 : Physiotherapy management part 2

  • Manual therapy of the hip
  • Manual therapy of the lumbar spine
  • Manual therapy of the thoracic spine

* You can view the online course whenever you want, there is no deadline for completion.

* Within a maximum of 24 business hours following your purchase (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday), you will receive all necessary information by email to view the course.


  1. Know the natural aging process of the spine
  2. Know the differential diagnosis of spinal stenosis
  3. Understand the medical masqueraders and red flags associated with spinal stenosis
  4. Appreciate the medical and surgical options for spinal stenosis
  5. Know the Physiotherapy management of spinal stenosis including self-treatment and manual therapy options

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