Management of Cervicogenic Headache and Dizziness



Headache is a common presentation in Physiotherapy practice and often related to cervical dysfunction. Cervicogenic headache patients often report concurrent symptoms of dizziness with the diagnosis of cervicogenic dizziness now a recognized classification.  These two symptom patterns are closely inter-related and respond well to appropriate Physiotherapy interventions.

Delivered by Key Clinical Skills in multiple Canadian and international venues, the program is delivered fully on-line with participants working at their own pace over the ten-week access period. The ten dictated PowerPoint presentations are supported by videos, web resource links, quick reference cheat sheets and a 260 page downloadable handout.

This ten-part, fully on-line program delivers:

  • A comprehensive overview of headache classification
  • Particular focus on the cervicogenic headache and dizziness sub-types
  • Screening for red and yellow flags
  • Medical and Physiotherapy diagnosis and treatment options including:
    • Exercise
    • Soft tissue interventions
    • Manual therapy interventions 
  • Supporting videos, readings and take-home resources
  • A 260 page downloadable handout to keep as a reference tool
  • 4 hours of contact time

Course plan

Unit 1: Introduction to CGH & CGD

  • 10 step approach
  • H/A classification
  • Outcome measures

Unit 2: Evaluating headaches 1

  • Typical symptom presentation
  • Imaging
  • Cervical arterial dissection

Unit 3: Evaluating headaches 2

  • Neurological evaluation
  • Osseo-ligamentous stability evaluation
  • Motor control evaluation

Unit 4: Evaluating headaches 3

  • Physiological motion
  • Segmental motion
  • Accessory motion

Unit 5: Managing headaches 1

  • Medical management
  • Surgical management
  • Motor control management

Unit 6: Managing headaches 2

  • Mobilization
  • Mobilization with movement
  • Manipulation

Unit 7: Evaluating dizziness 1

  • Differential diagnosis
  • Neurological evaluation
  • Post-trauma evaluation

Unit 8: Evaluating dizziness 2

  • Physiological motion
  • Segmental motion
  • Motor control evaluation

Unit 9: Managing dizziness 1

  • Medical management
  • Surgical management
  • Motor control management

Unit 10: Managing dizziness 2

  • Mobilization
  • Mobilization with movement
  • Manipulation

* You can view the online training whenever you want, there is no deadline for completion.

* Within a maximum of 24 business hours of your purchase (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday), you will receive all necessary access by email to view the training.


Understand the sub-classification of headaches and dizziness

Know the differential diagnosis of cervicogenic headache and dizziness

Understand the medical red flags associated with headache and dizziness

Know how to evaluate patients presenting with cervicogenic headache and dizziness

Appreciate the medical and surgical options available for the management of cervicogenic headache and dizziness

Know the Physiotherapy management of cervicogenic headache including; motor control, soft tissue interventions and manual therapy

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