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Definition of the athlete for this course: “the Sunday athlete who participates in a few races, the young soccer player who practices a few times a week, the high-level athlete”.

Traditional periodization, block, linear, wave, inverse, etc. When it’s time to plan the training for your client, you have a lot of options and it can be difficult to find your way around. In this training, we will demystify the different types of periodization, but more importantly, we will discuss the benefits of such periodization methods and how to include them in your annual planning. Since periodization is a crucial element for the continuous improvement of athletes, the objective of the training is to give health and sports professionals different tools that can be used to improve the performance of their clients.

This course will respond to some of the challenges that health and sports professionals are facing:

  •  Succeed in setting realistic long and medium-term objectives and plan in advance the means to achieve these objectives.
  •  “…I always feel like I’m wrong”
  •  “Dose the workload on the athletes.”
  •  “Long-term planning of the season and adherence to that planning”
  •  “I find it difficult to stick to the schedule, because I often prefer to go with my ‘feeling'”
  •  “We have to navigate between too much rigid planning on the one hand, and lack of planning and direction in training on the other.”

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Module 1: Coaching Challenges

Module 2: The traditional and its limits

Module 3: Other approaches, their strengths and weaknesses

Module 4: What does science say?

Module 5: Five examples of planning

  1. Hockey – 14 years old players
  2. National Women’s Hockey Team
  3. Taekwondo
  4. Cycling
  5. Swimming

Total course duration: 85 minutes

* You can view the course online whenever you want, there is no deadline for completion.

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Understand the difference between the different types of periodization

Know when to use the different periodization methods within the year

Learn to use and vary periodization methods throughout the year and in the athlete’s career

Learn how to effectively use and customize training planning tools to suit your needs

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