Inflammation, pain and the brain: Considering post-Covid musculo skeletal pain




The immune system is coming into focus as being a key player in the experience of pain and fatigue. This presentation will explore the immune system’s role in managing inflammation and how pro-inflammatory states, following injury or an infection (such as Covid-19), can lead to a sensitised nervous system and result in pain and fatigue. The clinical implications of managing patients with sensitised neuroimmune systems, who present with joint pain, will be discussed.

Course outline

  • The role of the immune system in the inflammatory response
  • The relationship between the immune system and pain
  • Neuroimmunity and its impact on pain

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  1. Provide an overview of the immune system and its role in the management of inflammation
  2. Provide an understanding of how the immune system upregulates or downregulates the experience of pain
  3. Provide an understanding of how an upregulated neuroimmune system can result in a presentation of musculoskeletal pain


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