Inclusive Care for Gender and Sexual Minorities




Online course for all healthcare professionals

This course is packed full of clinically relevant and applicable information designed to help those who are striving to reframe their understanding of sex and gender and have a more well-rounded view of the entirety of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Participants will gain up-to-date, in-depth knowledge of the various terminology used by and relating to LGBTQIA+ individuals. They will also acquire an understanding of the social, economic, psychological implications on the health of this community. This course will emphasize clinical interactions, with current available research, and professional accountability.

Attendees of this course can expect to be gently guided into the sometimes confusing realm of gender and sexual orientation and identity.

Course outline

Module 1: Introduction and Common Myths

  • Introductory LGBTQIA+ acronym breakdown & basic terminology
  • Interactive self-assessment 
  • Locations and settings of interaction with LGBTQIA+ patients
  • Relevant statical information 

Module 2: Social Determinants of Health

  • Breakdown of inequities in healthcare, education, safe living environment, and more 
  • History of marginalization & pathologization of LGBTQIA+ community
  • Functional Disability

Module 3: Bi, Pan & Asexuality

  • Sexual orientation vs romantic orientation
  • Variety of sexual orientations

Module 4: Pronouns and Gender Identity

  • Pronoun uses, inquiry, & « lab » practice 
  • Chosen vs dead names
  • Gender as a spectrum 
  • Gender Unicorn 
  • Gender identity vs Gender expression

Module 5: Intersex, Queer & Microagressions

  • Sex vs gender
  • Sex as a non-binary concept 
  • Intersex variations
  • Intersex surgeries
  • Minority stres & microaggression definitions and examples
  • Use of the term queer

Module 6: Actionable Items & What You Can Do!

  • Interactive quiz on material covered
  • Case Study 
  • Financial effects of gender affirming surgeries 
  • Logistical considerations of health care procedures 
  • Mental health disparities 
  • Sexual trauma considerations 
  • Risk calculation 
  • Allyship & Receptivity to Feedback
  • Calling “In” vs Calling “Out”
  • Inclusive intake forms 
  • Homework journal & implicit bias activity 
  • Clinical and patient resources

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After completing this course you will be able to:

  1. Provide compassionate, well-informed, healing care to address patients in their entirety
  2. Reframe understanding of sex & gender
  3. Increase knowledge of the terminology used by & relating to LGBTQ+ individuals
  4. Acquire an understanding of the social, economic, psychological implications on health
  5. Increase comfort with clinical interactions, with current available research
  6. Practice professional accountability
  7. Dispel common misconceptions
  8. Answer questions regarding caring for LGBTQ+ patients

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