The female pelvic floor during weight lifting

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Replay in English with French or English subtitles.

Ever wondered how the female pelvic floor responds to lifting heavy? Is lifting heavy good or bad for the pelvic floor? And what about bracing and wearing belts? Have all these questions answered and much more on this information packed hour with Helen Keeble chatting all things weight lifting and pelvic floor. Also learn how to coach women with pelvic floor dysfunction back to lifting heavy.

We recommend that you take this course as well as the Introduction to weightlifting movements course which is only offered in French. It is possible to buy these two courses as a combo!

Course outline

  1. Recap of the anatomy of the female pelvic floor and how it responds to the effects of force and pressure
  2. Examination of the current literature and research surrounding the pelvic floor and weight lifting
  3. Brief discussion on coaching women with pelvic floor dysfunction when weight lifting


  1. Explain how the female pelvic floor responds to pressure and force when performing optimally
  2. Understand how the latest evidence and research helps to guide clinical practise for women who are lifting weights
  3. Devise and implement training programmes involving weight lifting for women with pelvic floor dysfunction

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