External treatment for coccydynia

Level 1



This is a theoretical online course level 1. The practical level 2 is under discussion with the trainer.

This online course will teach you how to reduce coccygeal pain through effective, non-invasive techniques.

This online course will give you an overview of the biomechanics and different causes of pain in the sacrococcygeal joint. In addition, assessment and treatment techniques as well as scientific and clinical evidence will be available. Finally, in this course you will be taught self-help techniques and other exercises and tips to eventually teach them to your patients.

Course plan:

Chapter 1: Coccydynia

1.1: Anatomy and symptoms

1.2: Possible causes

1.3: Differential Dx

1.4: Clinical Guidelines

1.5: Scientific literature on diagnosis

1.6: Scientific literature on treatment

1.7: Review and quiz

Chapter 2: Assessment Techniques

2.1: Tests for SI articulation (Laslett and Van Der Wurff tests)

2.2: Specific tests for coccydynia

Chapter 3: Treatment techniques

3.1: Internal correction
3.2: External correction
3.3: Mobilization in prone position
3.4: Normalization of pelvic floor tone

Chapter 4: Exercises and advice

4.1: Exercises at home
4.2: Tips and final quiz

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1. Understanding coccydynia (Pathophysiology, the different causes and associated clinical patterns)
2. Know how to identify the right tests to perform to evaluate coccydynia
3. Identify appropriate treatment techniques for a coccydynia
4. Be able to give adequate exercise and advice for a patient with coccydynia and know when to refer when necessary

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