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Montréal November 21, 2020 - November 22, 2020
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***Only available in French***

***2-DAY COURSE***

Since the beginning of the decade, cross-training has deeply changed the world of training by challenging our daily way of training as well as the knowledge passed on in different university health courses. While weightlifting is getting a second wind and the popularity of gymnastics continues to grow, the training professional must now acquire new practical skills that will allow him to follow this new trend. This training is designed for various health professionals wishing to acquire basic theoretical and practical knowledge in cross-training.

This training is an amalgam of nearly 10 years of experience in cross-training as an athlete, and include as well scientific evidence applied through the training of athletes in cross-training at the national and international levels.

Throughout the weekend, you will be learning both through theoretical and practical methods. Whether you are a kinesiologist, physiotherapist, physical educator, or student, you will leave this training with concrete content that you can quickly use afterwards: a workbook, warm-ups and training plans, not to mention a panoply of functional exercises that you will have learned and taught. You will thus be able to develop your skills as a practitioner and teacher.


Learning and motor control


  • The different plans of movement
  • Phases of movement


  • Learn and execute the different basic movements in weightlifting and gymnastics
  • Analysis of different movements
  • Error corrections and alternatives

Planning and training method


  • Energy systems
  • Cardiovascular training methods applied to cross-training
  • Specific muscle training methods
  • Planning of a mesocycle and a week
  • Structural training


  • Session-specific warm-ups
  • Session-specific mobility exercises
  • Injury prevention exercises
  • Structural training and functional bodybuilding
  • Maximum aerobic power training in cross-training
  • Force-endurance training of the cross-training circuit type



  • Learning intention and objectives
  • Designing a session plan


  • Theory: Definition + Motor learning and control
  • Practice: Weightlifting I
  • Application: Video analytics
  • Drive I
  • Practice: Gymnastics I
  • Theory: Planning I
  • Practice: Mixed MAP training
  • Theory: Training methods
  • Practice: "Functional bodybuilding" session
  • Application: Performance analysis – subgroup case study
  • Theory: Planning part 2
  • Practice: Gymnastics II
  • Theory: Injury prevention / warm-up / mobility
  • Application: Team training

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