Complex Case Studies of the UpperLimb Sport injuries

Episode 5

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We always hope that injuries are straightforward and if we had to use a biomedical approach, then this would be the case. However, injuries are not homogenous and that should not come as a surprise considering we are managing people and not just structures.

So how can we better understand complexity to simplify management. Do we consider what diagnosis versus prognosis means? Do we plan effectively, whilst quantifying loading? Do we account for optimal rehab dosage? Do we consider psychological stressors which might impact on injury resolution and re-injury? Do we consider psychological readiness, together with physical readiness? Do we manage athlete expectations, and do we know what athletes really expect from a rehabilitation approach?

In this episode we aim to cover all these topics and use real case scenarios to further help you appreciate how this knowledge can enhance the understanding of complexity. Further, this episode draws from all previous webinars, ensuring a positive conclusion to this series

About the Sporting UpperLimb Series 

The Sporting UpperLimb is a 5-episode series intended for anyone interested in better understanding how to manage injuries in this region. Although it is mainly aimed at sporting injuries, it is applicable to non-sporting scenarios. 5 episodes are:

Episode 1 – Understanding objectivity around the UpperLimb

Episode 2. Clinical Management of Sporting Shoulder injuries

Episode 3. Clinical Management of Sporting Elbow injuries

Episode 4.Clinical Management of Sporting hand and wrist injuries

Episode 5. Complex Case Studies of the UpperLimb

In each episode we refer to the other episodes, creating a considerate link. Although advised as a series, these episodes can also be considered as stand along modules. So, if you fancy some very good UpperLimb CPD, then look no further!


Module 1: Understanding complexity

  • Diagnosis vs prognosis
  • Planning and tissue loading macro and micro
  • Dosage
  • Homogeneous effect
  • Psychological stressors
  • Athletes expectations

Module 2: Case studies

  • Shoulder: post-viral neural weakness – Volleyball player
  • Elbow: medial tendinopathy – Sprint canoe
  • Wrist: Scaphoid fracture – Goalkeeper
  • Hand: CMC injurie – Boxing


  1. Understanding what leads to a case becoming complex
  2. How can we reduce factors that lead to complexity
  3. How can we simplify things to ensure better outcome

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