Clinical Management of Sporting hand and wrist injuries

Episode 4

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In many sports, the incidence of Hand-Wrist injuries are not the most prevalent areas in sport, however, provide significant reason for limiting both performance and training availability in many athletes.

In sports, there a variety of conditions which include; Sprain and Strains, Fractures and/or Dislocations, and Tendon Pathologies. The difference between subjective and objective information is important when assessing and treating these regions. This can make a difference on both safe and timely return to sport.

In this episode we will review which objective measures, and associated tools, are most indicative for these areas. We will also consider special tests which, combined with a good knowledge of biomechanics, can assist in both diagnosis and prognosis. We will then focus on exercise therapy through a variety of rehabilitation tools and concepts. Apart from demonstrating local exercises, we will ensure appropriate engagement of the wider kinetic chain is considered.

About the Sporting UpperLimb Series 

The Sporting UpperLimb is a 5-episode series intended for anyone interested in better understanding how to manage injuries in this region. Although it is mainly aimed at sporting injuries, it is applicable to non-sporting scenarios. 5 episodes are:

Episode 1 – Understanding objectivity around the UpperLimb

Episode 2. Clinical Management of Sporting Shoulder injuries

Episode 3. Clinical Management of Sporting Elbow injuries

Episode 4.Clinical Management of Sporting hand and wrist injuries

Episode 5. Complex Case Studies of the UpperLimb

In each episode we refer to the other episodes, creating a considerate link. Although advised as a series, these episodes can also be considered as stand along modules. So, if you fancy some very good UpperLimb CPD, then look no further!


Module 1: Differential Diagnosis

  • Digits differentials diagnosis
  • Ulnar hand side differential diagnosis
  • Radial hand side differential diagnosis

Module 2: Loaded Tests (Qualitative)

  • Knuckle push-up test
  • Thumping test
  • Ligaments stress test
  • Scpaho-lunate stress test
  • TFCC stress test

Module 3: Loaded Tests (Quantitative)

  • Power grip and power grip in boxing
  • Pinch grip
  • ROM
  • Closed kinetic chain

Module 4: Management

  • Type of contraction
  • Dosage
  • Digits exercices
  • Wrist strength and stability
  • Hand and wrist loading and stability
  • Vibration and impact


  1. Appreciate the structures implicit in Sports Injuries for the Hand ans wrist
  2. What tests can be used to enhance our understanding of function
  3. Management Considerations for the hand and wrist

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