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With roughly 30% of North American births occurring via caesarean, this is a patient population that you will encounter as a pelvic health or orthopedic practitioner. Because so many women experience shame, guilt and the feeling that they “took the easy way out” following a C-section, it is important to be armed with the appropriate information and language necessary to help women prepare for this surgery and to recuperate afterwards. A caesarean birth presents its own unique set of challenges for practitioners. Rehabilitation techniques addressing the complications that can occur following a major abdominal surgery while simultaneously acknowledging the challenges associated with early motherhood are necessary for a well-balanced approach to recovery.

At the end of this presentation, a question period is offered to allow participants to ask questions or present clinical cases to Katie Kelly.

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After completing this one hour webinar attendees should have increased knowledge of:

  • Rationale why health practitioners should have training in cesarean specific knowledge
  • Brief overview of Cesarean section surgical techniques
  • The use of abdominal bracing following Cesarean surgery
  • The evidence in support of manual-based treatment techniques for cesarean scar pain and mobility

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