Anxious Children : Approaches to Promote

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Following this course, participants will be able to adapt their practice to better manage the treatment of anxious children. Participants will be able to better understand the problem of anxiety, to recognize its manifestations, and to put into practice prevention and intervention methods for this clientele.


 Module 1: Understanding anxiety

  • Definition
  • Illustration
  • Prevalence
  • Forms
  • Impact
  • Associated qualities

Module 2: Identifying the origin of anxiety

  • Role of the child
  • Role of the parent
  • Role of the environment
  • Anxiety grid with clinical examples

Module 3: Recognizing the manifestations of anxiety

  • Physical events
  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Reactions

Module 4: Preventing and intervening with the anxious child (part 1)

  • Basics
  • Tools for the body
  • Tools for thoughts

Module 5: Preventing and intervening with the anxious child (part 2)

  • Tools for feelings
  • Tools for behaviour

Module 6: Integrating the tools into practice

  • Integrating the tools into practice with three clinical examples

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  1. To understand the problem of anxiety in children with respect to current knowledge
  2. To know the main factors that cause anxiety
  3. To recognize the manifestations of anxiety
  4. To implement prevention and intervention strategies aimed at facilitating youth participation and well-being

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