Advanced Neurological Rehabilitation: Spinal Cord Injuries

Level 3C
Montreal 10-17-2021
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This course is given in class, but can be followed via webcast if you cannot travel to Montreal. If the confinement is extended again, all participants will take the course via webcast.

This one-day course is intended for kinesiologists.

At the end of the training, the participant will be able to evaluate physical function and set up an adapted and safe rehabilitation/training program for people presenting with complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries.

Theoretical part:

Theoretical learning will be based on evidence and on the nervous and muscular changes that can occur following a spinal cord injury. It will also focus on the training and physical activity programs that can be used with this particular clientele. Evaluations as well as the safety aspect of the practice specific to this clientele will be the essential points taught during the training day.

Practical part:

Practical instruction will take place throughout the 2 days, with the intervention of clients presenting with a spinal cord injury. High intensity training and the use of certain technologies will be explained and tested by the course participants.


  1. Understand the impact of a spinal cord injury on functional capacity;
  2. Assess the physical limitations of this clientele;
  3. Implement safe strategies to compensate for these limitations during physical activity;
  4. Develop a clinical rationale based on analysis and evidence in order to implement a safe rehabilitation/training program for this clientele;
  5. Make this program evolve according to the modification of the pathology of its clientele.

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