A mental preparation tool: Relax-Regroup-Refocus

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Definition of a “routine”: a habit of acting or thinking that has become mechanical.

Routines, whether conscious or unconscious, promote renewed concentration, neurological relaxation, and the construction of new neural circuits. Some researchers in clinical psychology recognize the usefulness of routines in controlling anxiety and stress.

However, are these strategies applicable to your clients… or even to you?

As a health and sports professional, how can you implement routines with your athletes, your clients or yourself? You will find answers in this dynamic workshop. It will give you the chance to experiment several micro strategies within the RELAX – REGROUP – REFOCUS microroutine that you can then integrate to your practice!

The microroutine allows the recovery (RELAX), the preparation for concentration (REGROUP), and the resumption of concentration (REFOCUS). Why do you think all high-performance athletes have a routine? Because it works! All you have to do is learn what to do and how to do it: that’s what you’ll learn in this training. You will become a better professional for yourself and for your clients.

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Module 1: Attention and Concentration

Module 2: Our Brain

  • Bodyscan and nasal breathing technique
  • What is the difference between attention and concentration?
  • Disconnection Phenomenon
  • Biofeedback session
  • How to combat PAMS (Proposals for Immediate Action)

Module 3: The origins of microroutine

  • Self-Gratification
  • Relax technique (breathing 5-5, 4-6, breathing 4-2-6, filtered breathing, breathing “when it’s hot”, vagal movement, rapid relaxation with focus on the hands, Jacobson relaxation “Contracte-Relaxe”, pleasure film)
  • Regroup technique (presence, bodyscan, respiratory awareness, dissociative activities, breathing techniques, wide and narrow attention, frontal scanning, “break face” and “lion face”)
  • Refocus technique (internal monologue, encouragement internal monologue, internal monologue – strength and achievement, internal monologue – technical keywords, visualization)

Module 4: Review

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  1. Establish the difference between routine and ritual.
  2. Provide some theoretical notions on concentration.
  3. Provide a Mental Preparation tool adaptable to any clientele and applicable in different contexts.
  4. Make the participants live the routine through an integration experience.
  5. Provide a Mental Preparation strategy to help manage neurological regulation, maintain concentration, and prepare for a major competition or event.
  6. Provide sub-strategies related to presence, relaxation, internal monologue, visualization, autosuggestion, and others.
  7. Demystify certain myths related to the need to support concentration and focus.

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