A biopsychosocial framework for changing pain, pelvic health concerns and athletic performance: TIIPPSS-FC




This webinar provides an introduction to the TIIPPSS-FC framework for physical therapists, health care providers, and fitness professionals looking to simplify their assessment and treatment approach with a biopsychosocial lens. Learn how various aspects, including “core box” tension, intrabdominal pressure, postural factors, bowel/bladder irritability/symptoms, and more, can be used to modify pain, leakage, prolapse symptoms, and even athletic performance parameters.

Leave inspired with a new perspective!

Course Outline

  • Common beliefs to consider
  • Introduction to the TIIPPSS-FC framework: Tension, impact, irritability, posture, pressure, strategy, sensitivity, fatigue, capacity
  • Practical application
  • Case study

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  1. Establish an understanding of the TIIPPSS-FC framework: what it is and how it can help in various clinical situations and practice settings.
  2. Understand the various interconnected components of TIIPPSS-FC from a biopsychosocial perspective and how we can use them to create change in the experience of pain, pelvic health or performance issues.
  3. Consider the principles of load management and progressive overload when reviewing fatigue and capacity.
  4. Identify the different factors that can impact sensitivity and increase or decrease symptoms.
  5. Examine a case study as an example of the practical application of TIIPPSS-FC.

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