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Rob Werstine

After 20 years at the Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic working with closely with the surgical and post op knee rehabilitation team, Rob Werstine currently is the Advanced Practice Leader for MSK at London Health Sciences Centre. He is the first and primary point of contact for consultation and assessment for MSK Program patients referred to the hospital site. Emphasising education, self-management and health promotion strategies, he develops a collaborative care plan with the patient and their primary care provider. Using an advanced practice skill set, he identifies signs and symptoms requiring a change in the plan of care, requisitions diagnostic imaging/testing if required, or referral to a physician specialist. He completed his PT degree in 2001 and completed an MSc at Western in 2010 evaluating the mobility of the cervical spine under fluoroscopy.

He also holds an adjunct teaching appointment in the School of Graduate Studies at Western University, teaches in the Clinical Master of Science program and mentor graduate students. As past President of the CPA Orthopaedic Division, he had the pleasure to Chair the bid committee to host the 2012 IFOMPT conference in Quebec City and was conference Chair. He is a Past President of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and teach in the Canadian Orthopaedic Divisions’ IFOMPT accredited Level System. After completing a DPT with EIM, he has been on faculty since 2017 and has had the opportunity to lead education in the different areas of what would constitute advanced practice: diagnostic imaging, medical screening and Orthopaedic assessment. This had led to the development of multiple education modules that incorporate these aspects of advanced practice into Orthopaedic practice.

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Pennsylvania, USA

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