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Mary-Ann Dalzell

Mary-Ann Dalzell is currently President of the CPA Division of Oncology and Chair of the National Education Committee for the Division of Oncology. She is a past member of the CPA Board of Directors and the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada. She is a past Chair of the CPA Division of Athletic Physiotherapy and a past member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Council of Sport Medicine and Science.

She was Clinical Director and Research Coordinator of the Oncology Rehabilitation and Exercise Program, Hope & Cope, at the Segal Cancer Centre in Montreal (2006-2016). She was Principal Investigator of a study on the residual functional effects of radiation therapy in young breast cancer survivors (2011-2015) and co-principal investigator of the Cure Foundation and Quebec Breast Foundation grants on bone health in women undergoing breast cancer treatment (2013). Recent publications (2016-2017) include the results of these studies as well as a review of the development of rehabilitation and exercise programs for a global population of cancer patients and the implementation of clinical practice guidelines.

As a clinician with 30 years of experience in the management of complex oncology and orthopaedic problems, she now wishes to transfer her knowledge and passion to as many therapists as possible. She has been wanting to create an online educational path in oncology rehabilitation for a few years now and wishes to do so with Bia formations!

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