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Mai-Linh Dovan

Mai-Linh Dovan is a Certified Athletic Therapist and leading industry expert in functional rehabilitation. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Therapy and a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from Concordia University, where she worked in collaboration with the Department of Psychology and the Centre for Research in Human Development. With over 20 years of experience in clinical rehabilitation and strength and conditioning, she has developed a comprehensive and unique functional training approach with integrated rehabilitation.
She uses this approach with a diversity of athletes and clients from bodybuilders, powerlifters, CrossFit athletes, as well as athletes from many sports and recreational lifters struggling with various problems: recovery from cervical and thoracic fractures, low back and shoulder dysfunction, dysfunctional movement patterns. It has led many to unleash their full performance potential.

Mai-Linh is also the founder of Rehab-U | Movement and Performance Therapy, an online platform for innovative movement optimization and (p)rehabilitation tools and services for athletes and active individuals. The platform also serves as a resource for personal trainers, strength coaches, and fitness professionals.

It is using this innovative approach rooted in clinical strategies and geared towards prevention and performance, that Mai-Linh developed the Movement Optimization for Prehab and Performance Course. This course provides the principles to effectively assess and identify movement dysfunction as well as strategies, means and methods to build a rehabilitation- integrated intervention.

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