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Linda-Joy Lee, Dr

Dr. LJ Lee is recognized internationally as a skilled Educator, Clinician & Researcher. She is the creator of ConnectTherapy™and the innovative Thoracic Ring ApproachÔ,to assess and train the integrated function of the thoracic spine-ribcage complex. Through her Education Company (Dr. Linda-Joy Lee International/LJLI), LJ teaches courses based on her modelsaround the globe.

Inspired by Connectednessthroughout the body, LJ is known for her unique way of looking at total body function, integrating specific manual assessment into functional, meaningful task assessment, and retraining optimal strategies for movement and performance with prescriptive exercise programs.Finding the Driverand Meaningful Task Analysisare key developments from LJ’s Thoracic Ring Approachthat became part of The Integrated Systems Model(ISM, Lee & Lee), and LJ’s ConnectTherapy model.

In addition to mentoring her clinical team and treating patients at her clinic (Synergy Physiotherapy located in North Vancouver, Canada), LJ is an Associate Editor for the BJSM, an Honorary Senior Fellow at The University of Melbourne, and an Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct) at McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada). She completed her PhD on Motor Control & Kinematics of the Thorax at The University of Queensland.

LJ is passionate about helping patients reach their potential– helping them toMove Better, Feel Better and Be Better.And for the professionals she teaches, LJ is all about Challenging Minds and Changing Worlds

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Ian Gatt

Physiotherapist, PhD (c)


Helen Keeble

B Sc. PT, POGP Tutor

Dublin, Ireland

Serge Marchand

Ph. D.


Anne-Marie Giguère

Physical Therapist


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