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Kirsty Elliot-Sale

Dr Elliott-Sale completed her undergraduate degree and PhD at Liverpool John Moores University. She worked as a Lecturer at Brunel University and the University of Brighton before undertaking a four-year Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at Kings College London. Dr Elliott-Sale joined NTU in September 2009 as a Senior Lecturer on a part-time basis; since then [in 2018] she has been promoted to Associate Professor and now works full-time, 0.8 FTE in Sport Science and 0.2 FTE as Postgraduate Research Tutor.

Dr Elliott-Sale is the Head of the Musculoskeletal Physiology Research Group and the Postgraduate Research Tutor for the School of Science and Technology. She is also responsible for teaching on the undergraduate and postgraduate Sport Science degree programmes. Dr Elliott-Sale is the Module Leader for the “Sport Project and Dissertation” module. Dr Elliott-Sale teaches mainly in the areas of Exercise Physiology and particularly in Female Physiology, Performance, and Health.

Research areas: 

Dr Elliott-Sale is the Head of the Musculoskeletal Physiology Research Group and a member of the Sport, Health and Performance Enhancement Research Centre. She has more than 20 years of experience working predominately with females, particularly with elite female athletes and maternal populations (e.g., postpartum women). She has an international reputation in female endocrinology and musculoskeletal physiology, as well as expertise in exercise physiology with specific regards to the design and implementation of exercise-based interventions. She has extensive experience in running research projects in sporting, clinical and academic environments.

Since the completion of her PhD, which examined the effects of female reproductive hormones on muscle strength, her research has concentrated on various aspects of health and athletic performance in female populations. She has the following main areas of interest:

  1. The effects of menstrual cycle phase an oral contraceptives on athletic performance
  2. Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport and the Female Athlete Triad
  3. Maternal Obesity: exercise and nutrition-based interventions for weight management during and following pregnancy
  4. Musculoskeletal Health and Metabolism: the bone metabolic responses to strenuous exercise and feeding


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