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Jacqui Koep

Jacqui is a clinical physiotherapist and teacher in pain management and healthcare communication. Her clinical focus is on combining pain management and rehabilitative exercise skills to empower patients and get them moving. She is a founding director of the non-profit organisation Train Pain Academy, formed to provide collaborative pain education and skills training to health care professionals managing acute and chronic pain in regular clinical practice. She obtained her MSc in Pain Management through Edinburgh University in 2013 and has additional qualifications in Healthcare Communication and Motivational Interviewing. Her areas of interest include the role of the immune system and the stress axis in the generation and perpetuation of pain and fatigue and post-concussive and long covid syndromes. Jacqui is passionate about the challenge of translating knowledge into practice and the management of health conditions through exercise, heart rate variability, and cognitive behaviour therapy approaches in a clinical setting.

Courses offered

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Geoff Cuskelly

BHMS BPhty Physiotherapist


Maureen MacMahon

B.Sc Pht, GCR


Anthony Teoli

Physiotherapist, M. Sc. PhD (c)


Joël Beaulieu

Ph. D. (c)


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