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Cecile Röst

Cecile lives and works in Leiden, the Netherlands. She manages Centrum BTR, a paramedical centre which includes MoVeS Manual Therapy clinic and other physical therapists. Cecile’s therapeutic career has been devoted to the treatment of women and children. Cecile has worked in Pakistan,  Germany and in the Netherlands. She has had years of training in pediatric physiotherapy, sensory integration therapy and manual therapy, which have influenced her perspective as a professional.  Cecile, from a large family with six children, initially focused her work on children with behavioral problems such as ADHD and autism.

Cecile experienced Pelvic Girdle Pain in all three of her pregnancies. In her third pregnancy, using her own instincts rather than traditional treatment, Cecile devised exercises and postures which helped improve her own pelvic girdle pain. Since then, her work has acquired a different direction! Soon after childbirth, Cecile treated other pregnant and postpartum women with PGP using her own formula of exercises and therapy.  She became inundated with requests for treatments from hundreds of women, both from home and abroad. Cecile then worked on research to determine effectiveness of her approach, and to discover how and why this approach worked. International publications, lectures, and many courses followed. Cecile completed her Clinical Epidemiology Masters Degree from the University of Amsterdam in February 2017.  She will continue her career in scientific research into treatments for pelvic pain.

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