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Beverly Cusick

Beverly (Billi) Cusick is an internationally known pediatric physical therapist whose specialty is the orthopedic and orthotic management of children with cerebral palsy and other neuromotor deficits.

Beverly Cusick, PT, MS, NDT, COF received her BS in PT from Bouve College at Northeastern University (Boston) in 1972, and her MS in Clinical and College Teaching for Allied Health Professionals from the University of Kentucky in Lexington (1988).

She is an Associate Professor for the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions – Pediatrics Program – Provo, Utah (2006-present) and is NDT basic- and baby-trained.

Some of her publications:

  • ®  Legs & Feet: A Review of Musculoskeletal Assessments (revised 2015), an instructional videotape.
  • ®  Help Patients Manage Equinus Deformity. O&P Business News, 2011; April: 74-77.
  • ®  Orthotic Management of Low-Toned Children: The Earlier the Better. (Co-author). O&P Edge. 2011; April: 24-29.

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Physiotherapist, M. Sc. PhD (c)


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