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Bia formations gives you access to cutting-edge training and networking where the various health professions enrich each other.

Bia was founded to improve health care in the community.

How? The answer is simple.


Our values dictate all our actions:


For us, it is to always commit ourselves fully, with the pleasure and pride to do so. It is to be proactive and innovative. It is to act rigorously at all times and be passionate about learning.

The team

Melody Meilleur-Durand

President and Chief Technology Officer


Anne-Sophie Paquet

Vice President and Administrative and Financial Director


Amélie Fournier Belley

Directrice Marketing et Directrice des opérations - Région de Québec


Catherine Roberge

Director of Operations - Montreal Region


Melody Meilleur-Durand

Physiotherapist and master’s candidate in experimental medicine. Melody stands out for its diverse interests! Interested in computer technology and research, her international professional experiences and her work as a physical therapist have shown her the need for constant development of knowledge and the use of technology to provide the best possible service to the community.

Friendly and dedicated, she will be interested in your objectives and projects in order to offer you and your team the best possible service.

Anne-Sophie Paquet

Anne-Sophie is a graduate physiotherapist from Université Laval and a physical rehabilitation therapist. All of her experiences abroad continuously inspire her. She believes that we must be inspired by the different international health systems to develop our own in Quebec. She is committed to the ongoing development of professionals and believes that the development of each individual contributes to better health care.

Anne-Sophie has a strong leadership capacity that she developed during her university years when she was heavily involved. She is the founder of “Maîtrise ton avenir”, a networking event for students looking for work.

Her experiences allowed her to stand out during her studies at Université Laval’s entrepreneurial profile, during which she received the “Encouragement jeunesse Desjardins” entrepreneurship scholarship and a “Mentorat d’affaires Rodrigue-Julien” scholarship.

She is currently studying at HEC in a microprogram in business management.

Amélie Fournier Belley

Amélie is a physiotherapist who graduated from Laval University and is a dynamic and versatile woman. During his school career, her interest in the field of physical activity led her to participate in various sports and to become involved with several sports organizations. In fact, she was the co-founder and President of the Half Marathon de Gaspé for five years, a running event in her hometown. Amélie has a solid and diversified experience in event management.

To date, Amélie’s versatility has been demonstrated through her master’s studies in experimental medicine, where she is interested in the rehabilitation of shoulder disorders. Always on the lookout for the latest scientific evidence, Amélie encourages training and professional development to meet the needs of the population.

For Amélie, Bia formations represents the perfect balance between her personal and professional interests, while promoting the development of health and sports professionals. As Director of Operations, she will coordinate training.

Catherine Roberge

Catherine is a dynamic, smiling and athletic woman.

Since the beginning of her training, she has always been involved in many sports such as ringette, judo, running, CrossFit and duathlon.

Physical rehabilitation therapist and graduate kinesiologist at the Université de Montréal, she currently works in private practice, where she specializes in lumbar stabilization and running. It also covers several events, mainly in Crossfit.

Catherine is committed to the development of her profession and believes in the importance of staying current with new knowledge in the field of physical activity.

As part of the Bia formations team, Catherine is in charge of organizing events in the Montreal area.

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