4 tips for the mother athlete

4 tips for the mother athlete

What to do with the woman who was training 15 hours a week and gets pregnant?

Functional training has been gaining in popularity for the last couple of years. Active people who practice this type of training expect concrete results , which will normally be consistent with their objectives. Functional training aims to help the clients to do their daily activities without injury.

Pregnant women are specific customers for whom functional training is highly relevant. At Bougeotte et Placotine, the goals are:

What about the athlete who is used to training 15 hours a week and gets pregnant? It is not uncommon to see on television images of pregnant women running a marathon until 8 months of pregnancy, or a 6-month-old pregnant women doing clean and jerk. Is that good or bad? Optimal or not?

According to a certified coach at Bougeotte et Placotine, It depends on…

First, where does she stand in terms of awareness and acceptance of her pregnancy? Does she accept that her body will change? Does she accept that she will have to adjust the intensity and volume of her training ?

As a kinesiologist, make sure that this awareness has been done, otherwise, you will not be able to help your client. You have a major role in health promotion, so don’t express false promises such as «nothing will change», or «I can help you maintain the same training intensity». These statements could be harmful for your client and her unborn child. It is essential for the pregnant woman to be informed about the upcoming changes and that she accepts them. Your best argument for her to understand the importance of her workouts adaptation is to remind her that it is for her baby’s health!

Now that she accepts this possibility, “the competition” component must be taken into account when planning her training. You will be able to help her maintain her physical condition as well as possible and thus, recover more easily after the birth so that she can return to her sport more quickly. However, it’s essential to prescribe functional exercises that will aim to rebalance superficial muscles, sometimes hypertonic, and deep core muscles, often too weak.

What to do?

You are a kinesiologist, you have a great responsibility to educate pregnant women. Remember that it is possible to create training programs adapted to athletes and that it’s necessary to add functional exercises. Keep in mind that performance can be planned over the long term but not a pregnancy!


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